Discover the Secret to Making 2023 Your Best Year Yet

David Owasi
5 min readJan 13, 2023

Pro-tip - Ditch your new year resolution

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If you’re like most people, you’re setting up your resolutions for the year all wrong (don’t feel bad; I used to do the same). Maybe this sounds familiar:

“This year, I’m going to exercise more, eat healthier, save more, etc. “

That’s all well and good for a couple of weeks, but we all know how those New Year’s resolutions normally turn out: we try, then fail, then give up and sit in the unwelcome sting of disappointment.

But setting goals at the start of a new year is a time-honoured tradition. . . right?

Tradition, sh-madition (. . . that sounded a little better in my head, but you get the idea).

Here’s the secret to having a year that lights you up all 365 days — throw away your new year's resolutions or goals; set a vision instead.

What? how? . . . why?

Let me explain. It’s a vision — not a goal — that drives true transformation.

When you set a vision, you’re focused on “who do I want to become?” or “what do I want to embody?” Now, goals actually do have their place, but visions have to come first if you really want to make a change.

Intentional, thoughtful goals are natural steps along the path to achieving a vision. It’s hitting goal(s) while pursuing your vision of who or what you want to become that fills you with pride along the way.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever swung and missed on the “I’m going to exercise more” goal. (No judgment.) Without a vision behind the goal, the goal feels much less meaningful or consequential.

Instead, a vision to drive you to reach that goal might be something like “I will be someone who is physically active this year” or “I will be someone who takes care of myself so I can be the best spouse, parent, friend, etc.”

With me so far?

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