We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them — Albert Einstein

The ability to solve problems and successfully navigate challenges is one of the few qualities that differentiate star performers from average ones, it also differentiates happy and fulfilled people from others who are anxious and miserable.

Problem-solving is important to success and happiness because it enables us to exert control over our environments, learn unique insights and improve personal performance and quality of our relationships.

Mastering the art of solving problems is not only restricted to work or business settings; it also…

Simple and Easy To Implement Steps To Solve Your Leads Problem Forever!

Are you a service-based business in the B2B space? Then this is for you.

Leads generation is one of the biggest problems any service-based business can face. No quality leads mean no customers, which means no revenue.

Your business is simply an expensive hobby if you don’t have a consistent leads generation strategy and your business can’t survive on hopes that the phone will ring.

So, here is how you can stop worrying about leads generation and start getting new clients on demand.

Buckle in, because this information…

It’s not enough to just have a product that people want to buy!

Having a product that people want to buy is a great recipe for any successful business. However, that is only half of the equation. What if your competitors also have a great product? You can’t afford to lose sales to them, right? To stand out and be unique in the crowded marketplace, your business needs a Market Dominating Position (MDP).

A Market Dominating Position is your business’s Unique Selling Proposition.

Your business might be unique, but it won’t matter to your prospects unless your messaging connects that…

When I ask small business owners what they need most in their business, I get the same answers every time. More clients, more revenue and more profit!

Most business owners typically default to spending more money on marketing and ads to see more revenue and profit.

What if I showed you a quick way to find a minimum of $50,000 in business revenue without spending an extra cent on marketing or ads?

Let me show you how you can do this with down selling, upselling and cross-selling.

Down Selling

Down selling is offering a potential customer an alternative at a…

Without Spending An Extra Dollar on Ads Or Marketing!

When I ask small business owners what they need most in their business, I get the same answers every time. More clients, more revenue and more profit!

I will show you a quick hack to find a minimum of $50,000 in business revenue without spending any extra dollars on marketing or ads.

The Buyers Journey

Have you heard of the buyer’s journey?

This is the journey me, you and most people we know go through before making a buying decision.

This journey often starts with intrigue or awareness of a product…

Without spending extra on marketing or advertising

When I ask small business owners what they need most in their business, I get the same answers every time — MORE CLIENTS, MORE REVENUE AND MORE PROFIT.

If you are like 99% of the business owners I speak with, you may often feel lost or overwhelmed as you try to navigate through all the various options available these days. Websites, SEO, email marketing, Facebook or Instagram ads, and so on…

If you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get more clients to grow your business, I understand your pain and I have…

How to increase revenue and profit monthly at a minimal cost

I have two questions for you. That revenue and profit goal of yours, do you still walk around with it? Are you doing everything but still feel like you are chasing shadows? If your business is struggling to grow revenue and profit, you are not alone. I feel your pain.

The pandemic has been challenging for small businesses. …

#4 Con Artists

In my recent podcast episode with Leighton Healey, we had a robust conversation about entrepreneurship. Leighton is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of establishing, launching and growing successful companies. In this article, I share a summary of the insights Leighton shared during the episode.

Entrepreneurship is the buzz word these days.

Many people are quick to call themselves entrepreneurs and generally want to model themselves after Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I certainly have been there myself in my early days of entrepreneurship where I dreamed of fame, glory and financial success.


#1 Resume readers will be both man and machine

I recently received an interesting and important question on the role of conventional resumes in job search over the next decade or so. This question was asked by a recruiting professional in the not-for-profit space with a specialty in creating employment opportunities for marginalized groups.

As a career consultant with insider experience on how companies vet candidates, this question was a good opportunity for me to put some thought into how we use resumes today and how that might change in the coming decades. …

Catalytic events are historical occurrences that cause important changes. How can you build wealth in the middle of one?

Life is filled with uncertainty, especially in times like this!

We find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic that has triggered an economic recession, escalated racial tensions and increased political instability. All of these factors have amplified financial anxiety which has inevitably taken a toll on our collective physical and mental health.

Analysis by the Institue for Policy Studies shows that since the pandemic started, a staggering $6.5 trillion in household wealth has disappeared and the collective wealth by billionaires…

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