3 Powerful Forces that will Shape the Future of Work

#1 Resume readers will be both man and machine

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  1. The growing importance of skills in emotional intelligence.
  2. The growing importance of personal branding.

Applicant tracking systems are not dazzled by loquacious language or bragging, they are looking for keywords that communicate that you can do the job.

One of the key traits of the last few decades has been the increase in the use of software and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and solve problems. Software and machine learning will play as much a part in hiring for new jobs as performing them.

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As software and automation gradually take over more and more operational tasks, human skills like compassion and empathy will define the competitive edge of workers and entire organizations.

Human emotion is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, for better or for worse. Emotions start wars, create peace; inspire love and fuel hatred. Emotions are unavoidable and can be a source of motivation and inspiration to take action. Unbridled emotions however can make us and those around us to act irrationally, this is why employers are already prioritizing candidates with skills in emotional intelligence.

Your resume and cover letter must be part of a much bigger profile.

As we spend more time online and build our personal brands, securing our professional identities online is also going to be a requirement in the future. If your resume and cover letter tell your professional story and journey, your personal brand will be what makes you unique and drive your character development. Your resume and cover letter must then be part of a much bigger profile.

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