3 Easy Hacks to Upgrade Your Resume

Yes, your next job interview is within reach!

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  1. Differentiating yourself with your Accomplishments.
  2. Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence.
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Job Adder’s ATS System
  1. Your resume is then run through a parser that removes all the styling and strips all the text on your resume into recognized strings of characters.
  2. The parser then assigns meaning to your resume, looking at things like education, skills, contact information and experience.
  3. An employer, recruiter or hiring manager then uses keywords to search for candidates in their database.
  4. Your resume is then scored based on relevancy. Relevancy takes into account the semantic matching of the search terms and your years of experience.
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Author’s Resume highlighting keywords
  1. Objective/Introduction
  2. Experience/Qualifications
  3. Education
  4. Other Interests/Extra-curricular activities
  1. Money or time you saved for the company.
  2. Problems you identified and solved.
  3. Ideas or innovations you introduced.
  4. Procedures, processes or systems you developed, implemented or optimized.
  5. Special projects you were a part of.
  6. Work or industry-related awards you won (e.g. top salesperson of the quarter).
  7. Media coverage you gained for the company.
  8. Funding, grants or scholarships you received.
  9. Publications, reports or presentations you (co)authored.
  10. Additional training you have completed and professional certifications.
  11. Volunteering or community efforts
  12. Achievements in sports or culture.
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Author’s resume highlighting accomplishments
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